Our selection of concrete colour surface hardeners


Slate Grey

Steel Grey

Platinum Grey

Silver Grey


Deep Tan

Tudor Brown

Rustic Sandstone

Bideford Buff

Avon Stone

Purbeck Stone


Sandstone Buff

Deep Red



Brick Red

Champagne Pink

Slate Green

Steadman Buff

Lawn Green

Slate Blue

Pool Blue


Our selection of antique release agent colours

Antique release agent colours are designed to complement the concrete colour surface hardener colours.


Classic Grey

Platinum Grey





Tile Red

Slate Green


Colour hardener information

What is it?

The colour hardener is a ready to use, dry shake material for colouring, hardening and finishing new concrete floors, walks, driveways and imprinted concrete. When mixed with water it may be plastered on the vertical surfaces of freshly placed concrete such as curbs, risers and planters.


The colour hardener is an intergrind of pigments dispersed with Portland cement combined with kiln dried silica. Colour and product uniformity is thereby assured.

The pigments are lime proof and have maximum resistance to the effects of sunlight. The aggregates are selected for hardness and purity then carefully graded through a wide particle size range to produce a dense, wear resistant surface.


The colour hardener is designed to harden, densify and colour concrete floors and surfaces both inside and out.

Concrete treated with a colour hardener will be resistant to abrasion, dusting, spalling and deterioration. Colour hardened floors will also be more resistant to water absorption and salts thus reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.


  • Gives two and a half times the strength of untreated concrete
  • Hardens and densifies concrete surfaces/floors
  • Non rusting, can be used in a wet environment
  • Resists moisture penetration, easier to clean
  • Improved resistance to de-icing salts
  • Increases the life of a concrete floor
  • Available in many colours

Technical Data?

Compressive strength 44 N/mm squared. Tested to BS1881:Pt.202:1986.

The colour hardener test was carried out by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. to prove that our colour hardener is suitable for the application of pattern imprinted concrete and in particular increases the strength and surface tension of ordinary concrete.

The colour hardener in this test was applied at a rate of approximately 1.75 kilo per metre, each 25 kilo bag covering approximately 15 square metres.

The mean rebound number for ordinary concrete was 14, giving a compressive strength of 18 N/mm squared. After application of our colour hardener the compressive strength increased to 44 N/mm squared, two and a half times the strength of untreated concrete.


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