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Questions About Pattern Imprinted Concrete

From October 2008 new legislation came into force in England requiring planning permission to be granted for impermeable surfaces such as pattern imprinted concrete.

However as long as every effort is made to drain water away naturally into soil below using storm drains, soak-aways or french drains, then planning permission will not be required.

On the rare occasions when this cannot be achieved, driveway planning permission may need to be obtained.

Don’t let this deter you from having a beautiful pattern imprinted concrete driveway though as gaining planning permission is straightforward, only takes eight weeks at the very most and is not costly.

“In Wales there are no restrictions on the area of land which you can cover with hard surfaces at, or near, ground level around your house. Provided it is not to be used for commercial purposes” at time of writing.

This completely depends on the size and complexity of the installation; however an average driveway takes about a week.

Wherever possible the waste material is removed directly from the site on the day of excavation to be recycled. On rare occasions it may be necessary to have a skip but only when there is no other option.

On a domestic driveway, we will excavate to a minimum of 200mm. We will dig deeper if required to do so due to the condition of the ground.

On a domestic driveway, a minimum of 100mm of fibre reinforced, air entrained concrete is laid and a minimum of 75mm on patios and pathways. Commercial installations and driveways with very heavy vehicles can require 150mm.

Yes, the majority of concrete and soil excavated is recycled.

Concrete should never be laid when the temperature drops to freezing as this can severely affect the strength and durability of the concrete.

Also we will never plan to lay the concrete when rain is forecast, as it will impair the finish of the installation.

We understand that it is always preferable to have a personal recommendation but if you do not have one, then the next best thing is to see our work yourself and this can certainly be arranged.

We hope that if you choose Dee Print Driveways you will also be happy to allow others to view.

Yes, you can rest assured our electricians are NIC EIC registered and fully qualified up to current regulations.

It is dependant on the outstanding orders that have been confirmed at the time. Usually this will be between two and six weeks.

This will be discussed when we meet with you to discuss the project; but we will always find a way to allow you to access your home.

Crack control joints (sometimes known as expansion joints) are important as concrete will expand and contract and therefore the joints enable it to do so by allowing for movement and shrinkage.

As the name suggests, the joints will control where the cracks would otherwise occur naturally, but the joint will be neater.

Yes we would be happy to give you an estimate for re-sealing. Our prices are very reasonable for this service.

It is difficult to answer that as there is no set rate for a drive or patio area. The price you are quoted will depend upon a range of factors such as existing surface, drainage systems required, size and complexity of the installation, location of the project and access.

Our prices start from as little as £50 per m2, however, very small areas cost much more and there is a minimum charge. Some small projects can take as much time and as many visits to complete as a larger one.

We come across many clients who are pleasantly surprised at the cost of pattern imprinted concrete and also some who are not.

Please use the contact form to arrange a site survey and we will be able to give you a set price there and then. Our prices will not alter once work commences and we GUARANTEE there are no hidden extras.

We don’t believe in giving an inflated price in the expectation of entering into a negotiation. We know our pricing is extremely competitive.

Why not contact us for a no obligation quotation. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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